FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and travel restrictions placed by IIT Bombay, the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 will be offered remotely. The FOSSEE team will contact the selected candidates through emails soon.


Important Dates

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Screening Task

Creation of lecture notes for a mathematics topic and numerical computation

Description of the Screening Task

During the course of this internship you will be creating lecture notes along with their corresponding animations. This task has been divided in two parts. It is mandatory to complete both the parts as described below for this screening task to be considered as completed.
Please choose either Complex Analysis OR Group Theory OR Linear Algebra for this task.

Procedure to Submit:

  1. Prepare a project directory in a .zip format which has the following:
    1. A pdf file containing the lecture notes
      • You can write either on LaTex or in Libreoffice (MS Word). Include the images of diagrams at relevant points.
      • Create a pdf file with the following naming convention: <Complex/Group/Linear>_<TopicName>.pdf
      • For example, if your chosen topic is Analytic Functions which comes under Complex Analysis, you would save the file as Complex_AnalyticFunctions.pdf
    2. A python file or Ipython notebook containing the respective numerical computation code. The file should have the following naming convention:
  2. Follow the naming convention as "<TOPIC>.zip". For Example: ""
  3. Submit the .zip file in the submission portal. Click here to submit.

Technical Requirements

Basic to Intermediate knowledge in Python, good background in undergraduate mathematics, mathematical writing


Evaluation Criteria

The submissions will be judged on:
  1. Writing style – Articulation of formal mathematical concepts in easy to understand language.
  2. Diagrams provided and how the diagrams connect with the text.
  3. The correctness of the Python code and the relevant plot.
  4. Further note that,
  5. If your writing/code has been copied in another submission, both the diagrams will be rejected.
  6. If any plagarism is detected in the lecture notes writing, the submission will be rejected

Contact Us

If you have any queries, reach out to us at animations[at]fosssee[dot]in