About FOSSEE Animations

What do we do and why?

The FOSSEE Animations Project is focused on making seemingly complicated Mathematics topics feel natural and approachable through animations. We aim to make a repository of such animations. All animations are made with open source software and libraries such as Manim, Blender, Vpython, etc.

Anyone can contribute to this project! You may read the Guidelines page for detailed instructions on how you can contribute.

We conduct activities like Internships on Real Analysis, Complex Analysis and Algebra. To view our repository on Mathematics topcis, visit math.animations.fossee.in We also conduct workshops on Animating Math with Manim in colleges and universities. You can write to us at animations@fossee.in to request a workshop at your college.

The FOSSEE Animations project comes under the FOSSEE Project at IIT Bombay. The FOSSEE project is funded by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.